Starmark Safeway Cremation Container


Safeway® immediate cremation container

  • Corrugated fiberboard construction with plywood reinforced sides
  • Strong nylon strapping & buckle to hold lid firm
  • Strategically placed side holds for ease of handling
  • Exterior moisture resistant coating reduces condensation
  • Full length one piece lid
  • Includes biohazard leak resistant liner
  • Inside Dimension: 23.5″ W x 77.25″
  • Minimum order 12 of any combination of trays
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New England Cremation Supply Receives Authorization to Manufacture and Distribute Starmark® Immediate Cremation Containers

These include the Safeway® and the new Safewoodwood-based immediate cremation containers as well as rental inserts sized for Starmark Ceremonial Rental Caskets and Chaise Bed Viewers, including the new wood-based selections. These products will be manufactured in our NH manufacturing facility and shipped on our trucks for delivery in the Northeast Region.