Funeral Home Lo-Profile Mini LED Light Bar


  • 19 flash patterns to choose from
  • There are two buttons at the end of the cigarette adaptor:
    • The button with the red dot is the On/Off button
    • The other button is used to select the flash pattern you prefer
  • The LED Mini light bar is waterproof
  • It contains 8 panels with 4 X 1w Epistar LED chip per panel

The magnetic mount LED light bar is equipped with a light plug with a rocker switch, that plugs into a 12 volt DC cigarette lighter outlet; rotate and push with moderate force to insure the best possible connection.

Press the rocker switch on the lighter plug for the next pattern. Next time you turn on the light, it will remember the pattern you last selected.


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Funeral Home Lo-Profile Mini LED Light Bar


  • 12 volt DC
  • Output power: 48w
  • LED QTY: 32 pcs
  • Working current: 4 A
  • Net weight: 3.15kg
  • 10ft flat wire with cigarette adaptor
  • Lens: PC lens, waterproof IP65
  • Brackets & Base: aluminum alloy with stainless screws