Cremation Two Body Roll In Style Mortuary Cooler

  • Can Fit Most Mortuary Cots / Dressing tables
  • Includes one slide out bodyboard
  • Heavy Duty Chrome-plated Hardware
  • Digital Thermometer & Temperature Controller
  • 15 Yr Panel / Door Warranty
  • 5 Yr Mechanical Parts Warranty


Cremation Two Body Roll In Style Mortuary Cooler

The 2 body Cot, Roll-in Style Mortuary Cooler is ideal for both removal companies and funeral homes.  It can fit most mainstream mortuary cots and dressing tables and has an additional top shelve.  These units can be shipped unassembled or assembled.

The unit includes Drop in self-contained refrigeration system with a digital thermometer and easy to adjust temperature controller.  Comes standard with heavy duty chrome plated hardware, has expanded Polystyrene or Extruded Polystyrene insulation, heavy duty slide out shelving, and carries a 15 yr warranty on panels and doors, 5 yr warranty on all mechanical parts, and a 2 yr warranty on parts and labor.

External Dimensions: 7′ 6″ D  X 3′ 7″ W X 5′ 2″ H

Internal Dimensions: 6′ 11 1/4″ D X 3′ 1/4″ W X 4′ 10 5/8″ H