Cremation Hydraulic Body and Casket Lift

  • Can Easily Handle Over 1000 Lbs
  • 9 Swivel Castors At The Base For Easy Handling
  • 4 Nylon Body Straps
  • Backed By Our One Year Warranty
  • Heavy Duty Built To Last
  • Made In USA
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Cremation Hydraulic Body and Casket Lift

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Body / Casket Lift

Moving a body from the embalming table to the dressing table and then to the casket requires additional assistance. This is especially true for bodies that may be much larger than a funeral staff member can lift. The Hydraulic Body Casket Lift is used to solve this problem.

  • Extra heavy-duty casket and body lifter can easily handle up to 1000 lbs.
  • With its nine 4” swivel casters, you can easily maneuver this body lifter through a door-way.
  • Features adjustable body carriage, which allows you to adjust all 4 body straps with ease.
  • Comes with four 2” adjustable washable nylon web body straps, which can adjust to the girth of any body.
  • The two straps that go under the body are attached to a wand – just slip the wand under the body and the straps follow with ease.