Deluxe Millennium Tray With Viewing

Premium viewing option with Millennium Cremation tray.

Includes fabric set

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Deluxe Millennium Tray With Viewing

This take on the Millennium Cremation tray offers a premium presentation option for customers. This tray offers the usability of a cremation container and the serviceability of a casket. A fabric set including a bottom sheet, drape and pillow are packaged with this tray and makes it easy to ship and store. A head couch and foot couch cover are also included and can help create a dignified viewing before cremation. A fabric handle at both ends of the tray make it very easy to move on to and off of church trucks and crematory lifts.

  • Head 1/2 Couch Cover
  • Foot 1/2 Couch Cover
  • Middle Strap
  • Drape
  • Sheet
  • Pillow
  • (2) Handles

Size: 77″ L x 24″ W  x 12″ H

Additional information

Dimensions 77 × 24 × 12 in